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Thank You for Your Support from Simul with Young Masters

The Young Masters Simul Series team would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation☺️ to all donors, friends (from within and beyond our chess community) and participants in the “Simul with Young Masters” event for your support and encouragements throughout the past 3 weeks.

We enjoyed organising this event as well as the interactions with all participants.  As a first round of help, your first $16,000 donations have already reached 55 families who are in dire need during this period (as of 28 April). Thank you for blessing these families. Wishing you good health and safety.😊
From all the Young Master Simul hosts,
Advait, Ashvin, Ben, Ethan, Emmanuelle,
Jing Yao, Jun Hao, Jun Wei, Matthew,
Sean, Sheng Feng,Siddharth, William,
Xiangyi, Zi Han and Qing Aun

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