Players’ Page – Public Service Online Chess Team Tournament 2021

CONFIDENTIAL – This page is for Tournament Participants Only

Shortcut Links for Players

  1. Login to
  2. Live Chess–> Wait at this page to be paired by Facilitators, [If you have not logged into your player account yet, click on the “Log In” button from the “Live Chess” page]
  3. Chess-Results page – Click HERE to check your pairing
  4. To watch of EVENT games Click HERE. [Note: access the Event page only after your game has ended]
  5. /follow commands – . To assist players in following team members or participants games, just copy the /follow command in the google sheet and paste onto the “Message” field at your Live Chess page. Reminder to only hover your mouse over and NOT click into the game when your game is still on-going.

REMEMBER to close the EVENT tab (#4) on your browser when your game is in play.

Archive : 2020 PST Games Record

Wishing all participants an enjoyable Tournament and a happy New Year!!

2021 Participating Teams

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