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New kid on the Block @ Yuhua Community Club

The first Yuhua Chess Club interest group session will commence on 16 January. In light of current safety measures and requirement, only a limited number of seats are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Bookings will be open on week of 11 January 2021. Sign up here to receive more information on the Club and to book your weekly slot.

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Public Service Online Chess (Team) Tournament 2020 – Update : Final Ranking

Welcome to the Public Service Online Chess (Team) Tournament 2020 event page! This year, Covid-19 pandemic had caused many key over-the-board chess events to online chess platforms. The annual traditional Public Service STAR Games Chess Tournament is not spared. Undeterred by the virus, the Civil Service Club together with #ChessAgainstCovid took the initiative to prepare the officers to battle it out this year online with the generous support from the fantastic team at Proceeds from event registration and administrative fee will go towards the Lakeside Family Services Caring Amidst Covid-19 Fund and partly to support the #ChessAgainstCovid Grow with Chess outreach programme to bring this royal game to children from disadvantaged families.

Participating teams – Teams from – Attorney-General’s Chambers | Ministry of Defence | Ministry of Health | Ministry of Home Affairs | Ministry of Sustainability & the Environment | Nanyang Technological University | People’s Association.

A BIG shout out and THANK YOU to the Team (Rakesh and Simon) for making this event possible to keep this 23-year-old chess tradition going.

Follow these links to catch the event on [email protected] and support our chess community from the Singapore Public Service. – Round by Round Games

Tournament Pairings & Results

Live Game Commentary by FM Andrey Terekhov 

UPDATE – Catch the Recorded Live Games Commentary by FM Andrey Terekhov :

Round 1 [34 mins] | Rounds 2 & 3 [1hr 26mins]

Rounds 4 & 5 [1hr 46mins]

NEW! – Read FM Terekhov’s  report on the event at

Snapshots of the Fantastic Group of Participants – Well Done to all Teams!

Participants Group Photo
Participants Group Photo
Participants Group Photo
Participants Group Photo
Team AGC vs MHA 3
Team AGC vs MHA 3
Team NTU
Team NTU
Team MOH
Team MOH
Team MSE 1
Team MSE 1
Team MSE 2
Team MSE 2
Team MHA 1
Team MHA 1
Team MHA 2 & 3
Team MHA 2 & 3
Team People's Association
Team People’s Association
one of Team MSE's Fight Station
one of Team MSE’s Fight Station
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Our heartiest Congrats to the Winners of this Tournament.

CHAMPION – Ministry of Defence 1

1st Runner-up – Nanyang Technological University

2nd Runner-up – Ministry of Health

3rd Runner-up – Ministry of Sustainability & the Environment 2

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Public Service Online Chess (Team) Tournament 2020

The ChessAgainstCovid Team is privilleged to be appointed as tournament facilitators for the annual chess team battle amongst Singapore’s public service officers, namely the Public Service Online Chess (Team) Tournament 2020. The event will see 11 chess teams from the SG Government Ministries, Statutory Boards and Agencies pitting their skills online this year. As Singapore prepares to enter into Phase 3 of the Covid-19 safety and control measures for this pandemic, the CAC team would also like to thank all public and civil service officers for their dedication in seeing Singapore through an enormously tough period. We would also like to thank the team for their support in making this Tournament possible. Catch this chess Tournament live on [email protected] on

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SG Celebrates International Chess Day – Chess Puzzle Challenge SOLUTIONS Revealed!

Puzzles given in the challenge on 20 July 2020:

Solutions :

The 3 lucky winners (and their book prize) :

  1. Bryan Kow: Neil Macdonald- How to play against 1.e4
  2. Cheah Kai Sheng: Milos Pavlovic- Fighting the Ruy Lopez
  3. Jiang Youhan: Richard Palliser- Fighting the Anti-Sicilians
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SG Celebrates International Chess Day – Chess Puzzle Challenge Revealed!


Happy International Chess Day!🎉🎊
To celebrate International Chess Day, the #chessagainstcovid team is organising a puzzle event for you chess fans! If you get the answer to all 3 puzzles correct, you can enter a special lucky draw, where 3 winners will have the chance to win a chess book each🤩

Simply fill in this ChessPuzzleChallenge form by 20th July, 2359, with your answer to these 3 puzzles, all from games played by the current World Chess Champion, Magnus Carlsen💪🏼

Have fun racking your brains🧠 over these exciting positions and enjoy International Chess Day☺️

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1st Singapore International Chess Day Online Tournament

To celebrate International Chess Day, the #ChessAgainstCovid team is pleased to organise the first Singapore Online International Chess Day Tournament on Monday, 20 July. This event will be held from 8pm – 10pm Singapore time and up to 20 attractive prizes sponsored by various chess platforms and individuals will be announced very soon.

The tournament proceedings will be streamed live with commentary from GM Kevin Goh and FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich will join the stream to share some messages with the chess community.

At the end of the event, we will also be announcing the team line-up representing Team Singapore in the upcoming FIDE Online Olympiad!”

You may register via

Remember to join this lichess team when you submit your registration and sign in to the tournament by 7.55pm on 20 July 2020.

Winners Prize List

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List of Prizes for 1st SG International Chess Day Online Tournament – 20 July 20

We are grateful to the following sponsors:

Mr Joshua Lim Geok Hock

Mr Chua Chee Peng

Grandmaster Avetik Grigoryan of ChessMood

Mr Daniel Vanheirzeele, the CEO of Thinkers Publishing

Grandmaster Grigor Grigorov of MODERN CHESS

Check Out the following Prizes 
1) Vouchers on the popular chess education CHESSMOOD platform
2) CHESS24 Premium membership
3) Modern Chess Master Class Workshop (25-26 July 2020) on Improve Your Play in Closed Position

Book Prize List (by Thinkers Publishing)
1)       David Navara - My Chess World
2)       Francesco Rambaldi - The Caro Kann Revisited, A Complete Repertoire for Black
3)       Daniel Hausrath - Double Fianchetto, The Modern Chess Lifestyle
4)       Vladimir Tukmakov - Modern Chess Formula, The Powerful Impact of Engines
5)       Alexey Kuzmin - Together with Mamedyarov
6)       Milos Pavlovic - The Modernised Stonewall Defence
7)       Pridyadharshan Kannappan - The Modernised Berlin Wall Defense
8)       Ivan Ivanisevic - The Modernised Delayed Benoni
9)       Adrien Demuth - The Modernised Dutch Defense
10)       Christian Bauer - Candidate Moves

Happy International Chess Day!

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Singapore VS New York City, USA (31 May 2020) – Introducing Team SGP

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International Online Chess Challenge – Singapore vs New York City, USA (Live!)

There are a few ways to follow the action for tonight’s match.

Official broadcast page on Chess24, with live commentary by GM Pascal Charbonneau, GM Daniel Fernandez and WGM Sabina Francesca Foișor here:

Also, the Russian Steamroller, FM Andrey Terekhov has kindly agreed to host his first stream. As he is highly familiar with many of the Singaporean players, expect more personalised and emotionally charged commentary on the SG Team from Andrey here:

Special Thanks to our generous Sponsors: Singaporean Chess enthusiast, Mr Mr Zhang Changjie of Theme International Trading SPC, Mr Lim See Wah of Ocean Health Pte Ltd, Mr Joshua Lim and an anonymous donor, together they have generously donated a total of SGD 18,000 to Lakeside Family Services, a Singapore based charity which helps families severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

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2nd ABC Tournament for FIDE Un-rated Players

by CM Junior Tay

Today’s ABC Swiss event had 26 players returning for the 3-round, 10min+5 seconds Swiss event and this time, we had 4 winners with maximum points.

Topping the list was Leong Hung Rey, who had studied in Raffles Institution from 2014 to 2019 and according to FM Ashvin Sivakumar, he had represented the school on Board 3 and 4 in the interschool events. He won all his rounds with relative ease and this week’s student analyst; Benedict Koh will provide more details and commentary on how he won the event in good time.

Last week’s champion Maxim Terekhov once again made the podium. He didn’t have it easy this week though as ACSI schoolboy Ethan Teo stretched him in the final game when Maxim’s all-out attack hit a cog when he mistimed his kingside assault. The advantage kept swinging both ways due to the highly tactical nature of the encounter but finally, Maxim wrapped up the proceedings with a mate in 4 combination.

It’s RI in the fray once again as Khor Eng Yeow, likewise a former Rafflesian, breezed past his opponents for his 3/3. Interestingly, we have a chessdad who had the last perfect score. Ng Hui Kwang, the father of Alyssa Ng (NAG U8 champion last year), also had a picket fence score. However, he had to endure some serious time pressure though as Ethan Teo (again?) took him to the wire in round 2. Ng was virtually surviving on increment in a worse ending when he came up with an inspired idea to establish a kingside passed pawn to generate counterplay. Ethan got caught up in playing a-tempo and underestimated the passed pawn (and Ng’s active king) and subsequently lost.
See for the exciting finish.

We have received many positive comments about this event, one which allowed the ABCs to compete and spar without the stress of being bulldozed by FIDE-rated players. One parent credited the event for bringing his son’s chess interest back to chess and subsequent chess training. Another parent related how the kids eagerly awaited to compete in the weekly event and I was told about a daughter’s happiness in her own improving play in subsequent ABC events…and so on, so forth. So now, we are discussing whether the event should be continued after June henceforth.

We will leave you now with this wicked stalemate trick by ACS schoolboy Joshua Chee.

The team would like to thank the players for their faithful participation in the event.
Thanks so much!

Tourney director/ coordinator and post-game analyst(by request): WCM Bernadette Kong

FIDE rated student analysts: Lim Kai Jun, Zachary Chia, Benedict Koh and Marcel Neo