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Final edition of Simul with Young Masters – FM Lee Qing Aun

Our final, 9th and final edition of the Simul with Young Masters series features the man behind it all, the very affable FM Lee Qing Aun, aslo affectionately known as “Hobbit” by many of us.🤩
6 years ago, we formed a team at the Tromso Olympiad together with Zhang Zhong, Gong Qianyun and Tin Jingyao and this year most of us were slated to play at the Moscow Olympiad before Covid19 struck.

Qing Aun has been instrumental in the entire #ChessAgainstCovid campaign, running events from the background and ensuring all our previous simuls and events were in order.

He’ll be playing 14 players simultaneously tomorrow💪🏼 and GM Kevin Goh will be streaming Qing Aun’s simul live at tomorrow, Saturday afternoon at 2pm!☺️
See you there😄

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