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ABC Tournament for Non-FIDE Rated Chess Players

Our very first ABC Tournament for non-FIDE rated players will be held on next Wednesday 20 May 2020 from 5.30pm to 7.00pm.

Players can request for post-game analysis at the start of the tournament. Please indicate in the chat box if you will like your games to be analysed.

1) What is this event?
It is a short online Swiss tournament (up to at most 1.5 hours) meant for Advanced Beginners and Casual non-FIDE rated players who want to get some decent games.

2) Why is this event not available to FIDE rated players?
They are too strong for the target group of players and there are already many other events for players with FIDE ratings.

3) Who else shouldn’t play in this event?
Those without FIDE rating but are clearly strong players. These players are typically highly rated on online chess platforms and simply do not have the time to play competitively.

4) I (or my son/daughter) want to play this event to spar. What do I need to do?
a) Click on this link:
b) Click ‘Join Team’.
c) Key in your name/school (if applicable)/HP number and email address (to contact you for next event) in the message box.
d) Solve the mate in 1 question.
e) Click ‘Join Team’.
f) We will then send you a link to join the tournament. To enter it, click the link, click ‘Join’ and wait for the tournament to begin.

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