Donations Update

I am very pleased to share that we have raised S$45,340 to date, all of which will go directly to Lakeside Family Services and its #CaringAmidstCOVID19 Fund to aid families in need. I thought that I should highlight some of the team members who have worked tirelessly in the background in order to bring exciting and interesting chess content to the community. A lot of this work goes unseen and unmentioned and without these contributions, it would not be possible to carry out so many different events for a sustained period of time.
I am firstly grateful to the young masters, led by FM Lee Qing Aun and FM Ashvin Sivakumar who came forward voluntarily to contribute to the cause. Qing Aun in particular did a lot of coordination work and project management pertaining to the Young Masters Simul Series. Ashvin played a key role in his super prompt and detailed post event report and he went through every single game played in meticulous fashion in order to highlight key moments. Despite not being selected for the match FM Lee Jun Wei and CM Tan Jun Hao selflessly volunteered to join the technical team for the upcoming #SGPKAZ match to be held on 3rd May, while of course I have to mention the many other young masters who have shared their time with the younger generation through the simul series and post mortem analysis.
The Young Masters have loads of new ideas and they have planned a series of fun and interesting events for the month of May. Please keep a look out!
Peck Seah and Carleton Lim are in charge of graphic design (look at all the lovely posters!) and web content and they very often worked deep into the night while dealing with some of my last minute requests and late changes.
Together with Mr. Arun S., the founder and CEO of a local chess training platform are now working on a website which would help to organise all our materials and reports. Coming very soon!
And of course, our tournament technical director CM Junior Tay and Ms Esther Koh who helps to manage participants’ interests in our events and make sure that every single aspect goes smoothly.
This whole team has worked very hard indeed but yet, doing community work is a new experience for many of us. There are many charity organisations and support workers out there who do this every single day, coronavirus pandemic or not. They are the real unsung heroes and it is our privilege to provide some assistance, even if its just a little, towards their goal of helping others.
If you believe in this, please contribute to our initiative here. A link will be shared in the comments and please also let us know if you have any other ideas and we will be happy to reach out.
Thank you
Wei Ming

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