Results : 1st Online International Youth Chess Match between Singapore and Kazakhstan

The Singapore-Kazakhstan Online International Youth Chess Match concluded earlier today after 3 hours of intense battle between the Singapore and Kazakh youth teams.Β The final score for the Boys match was Singapore 4.5 to Kazakhstan 5.5, while the final score for the Girls match was Singapore 1.5 to Kazakhstan 8.5.πŸ’ͺ

The Singapore boys team won the first round 6-4, before the Kazakh boys staged a comeback, winning the 2nd round 7.5-2.5. The Kazakh girls team managed to win both of their matches, winning the first one 3-7 and the 2nd one 1.5-8.5.
Despite the Singapore team being heavily outrated in both the Boys and Girls section, the team fought hard and gave it their all in every game. The Kazakh team also showed great fighting spirit and sportsmanship, playing their best for their country.πŸ‘
A full, in-depth game report will soon be posted soon, featuring some of the best games of the match and thoughts from players, organisers and team captains. Well done to both sides, and thank you to all who generously lent their time and effort to support this event! 😊

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